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Welcome to advertising information. No other single advertising medium in Laurens County approaches the reach of – more than 125,000 readers visit our site each month. Our readers are an attractive consumer group with an above average lifestyle and buying power. We offer a variety of online advertising options to feature your business and attract customers.

Why Advertise Online?

Your company’s increased presence on the Internet will let your customers know you’re keeping up with the latest technology. You have chosen to partner with organizations that keep pace with the readers’ needs and lifestyles.

Trend – more and more people getting news and information from online publications.

Unlike print media, we can offer concrete proof of the number of times your ad has been viewed. We tell you not only how many unique users we get per day, but how many have seen the actual pages on which you advertise. We also can tell you the number of times people have clicked on your ad and linked to your website if you have one.

Your ad is available to be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Why Advertise with

Over 125,000 readers view our site each month.

We are less expensive than print media, but the return is more valuable. The largest local print product has a Wednesday circulation of less than 10K. At 4 issues per month, that’s 40K readers. reaches more than 129,000 readers each month – more than the population of the entire county.

Advertise with us for the same reasons you read We focus on the Laurens area. We have links to important news from around the Upstate, but our news, sports and features are all about you. Our competitors may have two pictures of a high school baseball game, but our photo gallery will feature 50 or more photos from the same event. We are committed to providing the most accurate, timely and in-depth coverage in the area.

Your ad is guaranteed to be viewed by thousands of people per day, and with many of the same users looking at our site each morning, you have the benefits of frequency and repetition.

Our staff members have years of experience with writing, marketing, advertising and design. They’re not just hired hands. They are experts who will help you create a marketing strategy for your business, and they will provide an editorial product that draws readers to the medium you have chosen to showcase it.

For information on advertising with, contact Billy Dunlap at bdunlap@ or 864-923-9368.

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