Editor's Note: The following information is compiled from arrests records from the Laurens Police Department, Clinton Public Safety, Laurens County Sheriff's Office and the Johnson Detention Center. This information is presented with no intent of guilt or innocence.

Gregory Cullen – Clinton

Weapons / Unlawful carrying of pistol

Drugs / Unlawful to advertise for sale, manufacture, possess, sell, etc. paraphernalia (civil fine)

Dustin Hyatt – Greenville

Weapons / Possession of Firearm or Ammunition by person convicted of violent felony

Stephen Santis – Whitmire

Drugs/ Distribution, etc. of methamphetamine, 3rd or sub. (Excludes manufacturing meth; see CDR Code 3778)

Ashley Whitman – Silverstreet

Drugs / Distribution, etc. of methamphetamine, 1st (Excludes manufacturing meth; see CDR Code 3776)