Editor's Note: The following information is compiled from arrests records from the Laurens Police Department, Clinton Public Safety, Laurens County Sheriff's Office and the Johnson Detention Center. This information is presented with no intent of guilt or innocence.

Cheyenne Beasley – Pendleton

Traffic / Reckless Driving

Traffic / Use of license plate other than for vehicle which issued

Traffic / Driving without a license - 1st offense

Report / Giving false information to law enforcement, fire dept. or rescue dept.

Alcohol / Open container of beer or wine in motor vehicle

Contempt of Court

Malcolm Barnes – Fountain Inn

Domestic / Domestic Violence, 2nd degree

Saul Blancas – Santa Cruz, N.M.

DUI / Driving under the Influence, less than .10, 1st Offense

Traffic / Driving without a license - 1st offense

Jessica Boyce – Clinton

Trespassing / Entry on another's pasture or other lands after notice

Michieal Contreras – Laurens

Children / Legal custodian, unlawful neglect of child or helpless person

Kimberly Wooten

Breach / Breach of peace, aggravated in nature