Editor's Note: The following information is compiled from arrests records from the Laurens Police Department, Clinton Police Department, Laurens County Sheriff's Office and the Johnson Detention Center. This information is presented with no intent of guilt or innocence.

Sergio Cedillo – Laurens

- Driving without a license - 1st offense

- Uninsured motor vehicle fee violation, 1st offense

Michael Hall – Gray Court

- Grand Larceny, value more than $2,000 but less than $10,000

- Burglary (After June 20, 1985) - Third degree - 1st offense

- Grand Larceny, value more than $2,000 but less than $10,000

Michael Eubanks – Laurens

- Unlawful communication (after 07/20/01)

- Obtain signature or prop. under false pretenses, value $2,000 or less

Junior Mendez-Lara – Gray Court

- Domestic Violence, 2nd degree

George Scurry – Laurens

- Breach of peace, nonaggravated in nature

Rashaun Shumpert – Laurens

- Breach of peace, aggravated in nature