A Clinton city street was closed on Sunday afternoon after a black bear was discovered roaming the neighborhood.

Officials of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources closed Davidson Street until 6 p.m. after several residents reported the bear roaming the area. SCDNR officials closed the street to give the bear time to move on. The agency’s policy is not to drug or euthanize the bears unless absolutely necessary.

Black bears are typically shy, evasive and non-aggressive, but they should be regarded with caution. People should never feed them. They are fond of bird feeders, pet food and trash left out. In general, the bears are attracted to easy sources of food. SCDNR recommends that people keep their grills clean and covered to keep food odors from attracting bears. Electric, bear-proof fences are recommended for beekeepers.

A number of such sightings have been reported recently in the upper state, according to the SCDNR. Black bears tend to wander as the summer approaches, often moving up river systems for breeding and finding food. SCDNR officials noted that bears have been spotted at a number of locations in Greenville County from Blue Ridge, Travelers Rest and Furman University in the north to Pelham Road, east of Greenville, and Mauldin Road on its west side.

The bear, presumably the same one, had been seen near Interstates 385 and 26 on Saturday. The bear was last seen near Clinton High School near dusk on Sunday.