Laurens County election officials swamped with absentee voting


On Tuesday at 11:37 a.m., Rosa Booker of Clinton filed an appeal to the Eight District Court regarding the City Council Seat 2 election on March 5.

An earlier appeal to the Laurens County Board of Voter Registration and Elections was rejected on March 8. The board had certified the election on March 7.

Incumbent councilwoman Shirley Jenkins won apparent reelection by receiving 86 out of 150 votes cast, thus avoiding a runoff. Booker received 29 votes, followed by Sherri Amick with 20, Rilla Griffin with 11 and Reginald Vance with four.

As in the case of her earlier appeal, Booker is officially appealing two absentee ballots, though she has alleged broader fraud.

The latest appeal reads:

I, Rosa Booker, am appealing the decision made by the Board of Registration and Elections. I feel that fraud has taken place at the time of election on the absentee [sic] ballets. Tanisha L. Jenkins has been living in Knoxville, Tenn., and working there. She has not changed her address or drivers license and is voting here in Clinton, SC, illegally. Christopher Jenkins lives in Spartanburg [sic] has not changed his address or drivers license. These are the children of Shirley Jenkins, running for re-election for the City of Clinton [sic] Counsel. They both voted on absentee ballots.