Clinton City Council rose with the roosters Wednesday morning, but there was precious little crowing.

Mayor Bob McLean and the council members quickly retired to executive session after McLean brought down his gavel on the 7:30 meeting, spent 45 minutes deliberating and emerged to pass unanimously a resolution on a “memorandum of understanding,” enabling McLean, a board member, to act for the city in a Thursday morning meeting of the Piedmont Municipal Power Agency in Greer.

The resolution did not go as far as the Laurens Commission of Public Works, and by extension the City of Laurens, in granting General Manager John Young the right to pull out of PMPA’s supplemental-power membership, if deemed necessary. Another PMPA member, the City of Newberry, passed a similar resolution on Tuesday.

It was “a called meeting,” which is to say a “special” one, which is is to say not the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of Clinton’s governing body.

Clinton has been a particularly special city in recent months.

For months, PMPA has been locked in something of an impasse between cities such as Greer and Rock Hill, who consume electricity at a greater rate and expect a rate advantage for their use, and the members that do not want to pay higher rates as a consequence.

On Wednesday, the PMPA will try once again to find common ground, amid lawsuits and threats of withdrawal.

“I hope this will allow us to work this out,” McLean said.

McLean said withdrawing from PMPA would cost the city $15 million.

“Certain cities would be devastated,” he added.

Another listed executive-session item on the agenda -- "a legal matter relating to the City of Clinton" -- was struck from consideration in public session, which was transacted in a matter of minutes.

The resolution regarding the MOU noted that Clinton “is reviewing its options with respect to the Supplemental Agreement.”

Further, “regardless of certain underlying disputes among the Participants, the Council manifests and confirms its desire to act in the best interests of the citizens of the City.”

One would hope.