The City of Clinton recovered nicely from a rainout. A double rainout, in fact.

The Arbor Day celebration, originally scheduled for Nov. 2 at Pine Haven Park, ended up going off in City Council chambers on Friday. Once again, it was messy outside.

Clinton High Students who participated in the revitalization of the park paraded in and found a seat, generally on the floor.

Mayor Bob McLean played the role of master of ceremonies. A slide show blinked from photo to photo on a screen to the right. A representative of TD Green Streets and TD Bank, a benefactor, talked about the grants program. Jay Johnson spoke of environmental stewardship.

Susan Galloway represented the Clinton Canopy delegation. It’s a grass-roots organization “seeking to improve quality of life by partnering with the city and other organizations to develop, promote and enhance greenspace in and around the city, including parks, trails and the canopy of trees.”

She called it “a collaboration: that’s what this project has been from the beginning.”

Clinton Canopy’s Arbor Day Award went to the city’s Department of Public Works.

Jana Woods of Clinton Middle School explained the free Little Library, a place in the park where kids can informally check out and return books.

The Arbor Day Foundation also contributed to the Pine Haven Project. Dying trees have been removed. The park is returning to life with new stands of native blackgum, nuttall oak, scarlet oak, shumard oak, saucer magnolia and azaleas.

Among other partners are the city, the Laurens County Soil and Water Conservation District, Clinton High FFA, Clinton Middle School and the S.C. Forestry Commission.

Even away from nature’s splendor, the crowded chamber was alive with the spirit of cooperation.

The cookies didn’t hurt.