On Tuesday morning, Clinton Police Chief Sonny Ledda did not have to go far to make an arrest.

At 9:15, Ledda arrived at his office after stopping by the squad room and dispatch area. There he found a man, later identified as Derick Randolph Canfield, roaming around inside, the report said.

According to the incident report, Canfield had in his possession an Apple tablet, two iPhones, two USB external hard drives, a digital M200 Polar watch and a bullet pen, all either CPD-issued or personal items.

As Ledda called for assistance, Canfield appeared to be calling for unknown assistants to come in and help him, according to the incident report.

Capt. Tyrone Goggins and Lt. Michael Addison arrived to assist Ledda. As Goggins approached the suspect, Canfield attempted to reach in his right-front pants pocket, the report said. Goggins was able to immobilize the suspect’s hands.

According to the incident report, Canfield refused to comply with verbal commands by Addison and attempted to escape Goggins’ grasp. Goggins and Addison were able to subdue the subject while Ledda placed him in handcuffs.

Canfield continued to yell out to an unknown person or persons seeking help. He was uncooperative in providing information to the officers, who found two folding pocket knives in his right pocket and one in the left, the report said.

Police discovered that Canfield, 31, of Clinton, was wanted by Inman police for possession of amphetamines.

All items that Canfield had been attempting to steal were recovered from his possession, the report said.

After being charged with larceny and trespass of real property, Canfield was transported to the Inman Police Department to face active warrants.