District 56 prepares for AdvancED re-accreditation


The ACT is a national college admissions examination that consists of subject area tests in English, mathematics, reading and science. The test includes 215 multiple-choice questions with a "36" as the highest possible score.

Despite a decline across the nation in scores, South Carolina and Clinton High School made significant gains from 2018. At Clinton High School, there was an increase in the overall composite mean score in addition to an increase in each subtest area. Although reported, this data is not included in the state’s accountability formula.

Laurens County School District 56’s ACT highlights:

  • Students’ mean composite score increased from 16.7 in 2018 to 18.1 in 2019. This

is more than double the state’s average mean composite increase.

  • Students’ subject area scores increased across all content areas:

English scores increased 1.6 points to 17.0.

Math scores increased 1.1 points to 18.4.

Reading scores increased 1.5 points to 17.9.

Science scores increased 1.5 points to 18.7.


Laurens County School District 56 is pleased with the progress of our students on the ACT and continues to strive for academic excellence.