It seemed so out of place and, yet, so appropriate.

The sound outside the Clinton High School auditorium on Wednesday morning was that of an old movie in surround-sound Dolby being shown inside.

A large audience of District 56 teachers and administrators was playing bongos. Drums. Rhythmically.

Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-BUH-BUH, BUH-BUH …

Drum Cafe USA was energetically in the house. A woman named Shannon Willow got up from her drum and directed the audience with the verve of Leonard Bernstein leading the New York Philharmonic.

It was a big team – as much a team as coaches coach and teachers teach – and that was the point of Daktari in the auditorium. It would not have been a surprise had Tarzan swung in from the rafters on a vine.

The use of drums, said Willow, is “one of the most ancient forms of team building,” and the mission of her and her fellow musicians was to make it modern and applicable to education.

Drums and education are both a matter of getting “everyone on the same beat and use drums … to promote synergy.

“Don’t forget that the power of rhythm made each of us,” she said. “The experience matters."

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