Mike Huey managed to turn back Tony Quarles’ best challenges to pick up the victory in the main event at Laurens County Speedway in Saturday night’s regular weekly program.

Quarles was second, followed by Frank Coates in third, Deano Long in fourth and Austin Watkins in fifth.

The main event was a caution-free affair over the 25 laps. Huey started the night on the pole after winning his heat race, with Quarles next to him on the front row. Huey got a good jump to take the lead with Quarles and Coates following behind.

Huey never lost the lead, but Quarles managed to make a race of it in the waning laps.

Thunder Bombers: Dan Lawson rolled through the field in the main event to take the checkered flag. Tinker Roberts was second and Dylan Chappell was third.

Lawson and Scott Pulley opened the race on the front row for the first attempt at a green-flag start, but a caution came out before half of the lap was done to force a full restart. Once the race started in earnest, Lawson and Roberts took advantage of Pulley’s misfortune. He had to change a tire during the opening yellow flag.

602 Crate: Travis Morgan proved too tough to stop in the main event. Colt Smith was second and Alan Shifferly was third.

While the cautions may have slowed his momentum, they didn’t stop Morgan’s run as he managed to win the race by .742 of a second.

4-Cylinders: Travis Sharpe was the best driver in his heat race and eventually carried the momentum over to the main event. Russell Lamberth was second and Miles Mintza was third.

Sharpe held the lead at the start, parlaying a pole position into the front of the field. A caution on lap 3 briefly brought the field back together, but Sharpe used a good restart to re-establish a healthy lead. Once he had a firm grip on the lead back, Sharpe started to pull away further and won by 6.44 seconds.

SECA 604 Crate: Brad Rachels had not won since opening night on April 6 until Saturday.

Rachels dominated the field, winning by a whopping 11.791 seconds over Danny Howell. Rich Kuylen was third.

Simply put, Rachels used a strong start to the race and immediately pulled away from Howell, never giving him any hope of challenging for the victory. The lead was more than a second after just two laps and continued to grow from there as both Howell and Kuiken were helpless to stop the runaway the main event turned out to be.

Shrine Race Proceeds: The July 11 race produced, according to Shrine and track officials, raised what is believed to be a record for total contribution to the Greenville Shriner’s Hospital, with nearly $69,332.75 raised to date.

This was nearly double the total raised in 2018, when the race generated $36,800 in donations.