Reviewing a few basketball games from the sub-varsity levels:

Junior varsity boys – Clinton 45, Woodruff 25: James Anderson led the Red Devils with 14 points.

Ninth-grade boys – Westside 44, Laurens 38: TyQua Anderson scored 22 and K.D. Mosley 12.

Junior varsity girls – Westside 33, Laurens 23: Amilion Evans led the Raiders with eight; Clinton 22, Woodruff 16: Keke Boyd and Anna Litzenberger each scored five.

Middle school boys – Hickory Tavern 34, Gray Court-Owings 31: Mason Aiken led the Panthers with 15. Jaylen Simpson led the Tigers with 14.

Middle school girls – Westview 23, Laurens Middle 13: Syberia Boyd led the Tigers with six; Robert Anderson 51, Hickory Tavern 12: Faith Jackson scored nine for the Panthers; Sanders 32, Northside 22: Zoe Dial scored 15 for the Yellow Jackets; Hickory Tavern 39, Gray Court-Owings 12: Faith Jackson led the Panthers with 25. Montana Stoddard led the Tigers with eight.