Racing Report: Laurens County Speedway


Danny Howell is nicknamed “The Dude,” but on Saturday night Dale Timms was simply The Man.

Timms blew away the field in the SECA 604 Crate Division main event at Laurens County Speedway, leading wire-to-wire and winning the main event by 4.262 seconds. Howell was second, with Pat Lindsay third, Justin Wofford fourth, and Brad Rachels fifth.

Howell started from the inside of Row 1, with Timms to his right, but Timms used a strong start to jump out and take the lead. Pat Lindsay, who opened on the outside of Row 2, moved to third place before the race was stopped due to a caution on the third lap.

It took a couple starts and stops before the race had green-flag laps, and when it did resume, Timms continued to hold the lead. Howell had a secure hold of second place but could never mount a big enough challenge for the top spot as Timms started to stretch his advantage out.

Limited: Mike Huey proved the top driver in the Limited Division main event, with Larry Timms second and Frank Coates third.

The start of the race proved to be a tough one as caution flags came out on the three attempts at a double-file start. Once the race had a single-file start. the race finally had green-flag laps recorded, with Huey jumping out to the lead over Timms, who tried to go low for a pass but could not make it work. The two drivers remained in their positions for the entire race, not letting a caution flag on lap five slow them down.

Timms was within striking distance of the lead with 11 laps gone in the 25-lap main event, trailing by about a third of a second. Huey was able to expand the lead but never quite ran away. Timms and Huey were briefly slowed by lapped traffic before both were able to get by, but Timms could never close the gap enough to make a final charge and settled for second.

FWD: T.J. Hill was the benefactor of a lap-8 crash that took out two of the top three drivers in the main event, leaving Hill to take first place. Billy Medlin finished second and Charles Ouzts was third.

The race had been dominated by the trio of Travis Jamieson, Hill and Joel Cabe, who were in the top three spots from the start. Jamieson was in the top spot with Hill following in second and Cabe in third. Medlin tried to work into the battle and make for a four-car duel, but couldn’t get there before a caution flag on lap 8 changed the entire race.

The caution came out for a multi-car crash in turn 3 that saw Jamieson appear to have something break in his car while in the top spot, and the drivers behind him had little time to check up. Jamieson’s car ended up briefly on its back wheels, but the driver was okay and his car did eventually rest on all four tires. Cabe was also knocked out of the race following the crash, while Hill managed to get through without too much trouble.

After a brief red flag to clear the track, Hill used a good jump and eventually denied a last-gasp attempt by Medlin to pick up the victory.

4-Cylinder: J.R. Baker won the main event, with Phillip Wilson taking second and Nick Broome finishing third.

Aaron Summitt started the race on the pole with Wilson on the outside after winning his heat race by a mere .003 seconds. Wilson grabbed the lead on the first attempt at starting the race, but it was negated by a caution flag.

After a second caution, this time on lap 2, collected the two lead cars, Baker moved into the top spot and remained there for the remainder of the race but needed a good restart on lap 10 as Broome tried built a last-gasp charge. Wilson, who had rallied after the earlier caution flag, got right up against Broome for second place and eventually dove by for the spot on the next-to-last lap. Wilson’s best, though, was not enough to catch Baker in time as he grabbed the victory.

Thunder Bombers: Dylan Chappell took home the victory in the main event, with Tinker Roberts and Scott Pulley third.

Roberts started the main event on the inside of Row 1, with Chappell on the outside, but Chappell used a good start to slip past Roberts and take over the top spot. The race was stop-and-go for a time, with cautions flags popping out twice in the first three laps. When the race resumed on lap 3, Chappell held onto the top spot with Roberts and Casey Lawson following behind.

Shane Roberts kept his car running through the main event, even after damage left the right side of his car bowed outward from the rest of his car. It didn’t slow him down through the race, though, and Roberts managed to finish in fourth place despite the serious damage.

At the front, however, Chappell and Roberts maintained their positions, and despite his best effort, Roberts was unable to catch Chappell, who eventually won by just less than 7/10ths of a second.

602 Crate: Steven Bowie took home first place in the 602 Crate Division, with Rod Tucker second and Chris Patterson third.

Bowie held the lead with Tucker tapping him slightly in the early going, but the tap did nothing to slow either driver down. The race eventually worked through two cautions in as many laps before Bowie continuing to hold off Tucker for the top spot. Chris Patterson and Colt Smith, who were dueling for third, eventually were joined by Travis Morgan in a three-way battle for the spot, but Morgan never could get higher than fourth.

The two top drivers eventually pulled away from the rest of the field and had a two-car battle to the finish, but Tucker could not get all the way to Bowie and had to settle for second.

Young Guns: Zak Brown took home the top spot in the Young Guns Division, with T.J. Teal second.

Brown grabbed the lead from the start of the race, but nearly lost it when he had to save his car from nosing toward the wall in the first two laps. Brown did save it and continued onward, immediately building an insurmountable lead as Teal eventually fell behind by more than a straightaway.