Clinton fire

Clinton Fire Department chief Phillip Russell issued an advisory due to the likelihood of near-freezing temperatures overnight in the city.

In part, the advisory read:

As the first frost of this fall is upon us, Clinton Fire Department wants to remind you to be safe as you are warming your home. Home heating fires are the second leading home fire factors behind home cooking.

What item in the home should you watch out for the most? Space heaters.

Space heaters are the most frequent devices involved in heating fires. These contribute to more than 52,000 residential fires annually and account for 15 percent of all fire department responses nationally. Space heaters cause an average of 490 fire deaths, 1,400 injuries, and more than $1 billion indirect property damage every year.


Keep anything that can burn at least three feet (36 inches) away from a space heater, fireplace or woodstove. Also, maintain a kid-free zone of the same distance.

Place a heater in a sturdy location, so it cannot tip or be turned over.

Turn off space heaters before you fall asleep/go to bed.

If using a fireplace, please make sure your chimney is cleaned by a qualified technician.

Place a screen in front of open fireplace to prevent sparks from flying in the room.

Dispose of ashes in a metal container and store away from your residence.

Don’t place ashes in combustible bags nor near your home, as these can ashes can reignite and cause your hometo catch on fire.

Schedule an annual heating and air system inspection.This ensures natural gas and propane heating systems are properly venting and dangerous carbon monoxide is not collected within your home.

Never attempt to heat your home with your oven.

Reminder: We can install free smoke alarms in your residence. It is our goal to have a sufficient number of working smoke alarms in every residence in our fire district. It is our honor to partner with you in support of your safety as you enjoy this Halloween Day and the cooler fall temperatures that will be upon us tomorrow morning.

Lastly, don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour Saturday night .At the same time, check your smoke alarms to make sure they work properly. If they don’t have a date or are more than 10 years old (check the manufacturers date), please call us. We are here to help you.