The Laurens County Election Commission certified the results of Tuesday’s municipal elections on Thursday, but one small complication did arise.

One of the candidates for Clinton City Council Seat 2, Rosa Booker, protested the election in which one of the five candidates, incumbent Shirley Jenkins, won 86 of the 150 votes cast, thus easily avoiding a runoff. Booker received 29 votes, Sherri Amick 20, Rilla Griffin 11 and Reginald Vance four.

Booker’s protest alleged that two absentee ballots were improperly cast. A runoff is held when no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote. In order for a runoff to be conducted, a net 11 of Jenkins’ 86 votes would have to be disallowed. Twenty absentee ballots were cast, with Jenkins receiving 19 of them.

A protest hearing will be conducted at 11 a.m. on Friday at the Board of Voter Registration and Elections Office in the Historic Courthouse in downtown Laurens.

A copy of Booker’s protest is shown above.

A runoff for Gray Court mayor will be held on March 19, matching Scott Cook against Stellartean Jones. The vote totals – Cook 67, Jones 57, John Carter 54 – prevented Carter, the town’s mayor for 28 years, from earning a ninth term.

Combining the municipal elections in Laurens, Clinton, Gray Court and Waterloo, 1,870 out of 9,779 registered voters in the four municipalities turned out.