Tony Quarles got in the throttle, through the gears and away from the field at the start of Saturday night’s Limited-SECA 604 Crate main event at Laurens County Speedway, and it was an edge he never relinquished.

Quarles won by 2.652 seconds over runner-up Frank Coates.

Ahnna Parkhurst, in her first race at LCS, finished third, while Danny Howell was fourth and Jordan Feider fifth.

The main event, a special race on the July 4 card, saw Deano Long qualify on the pole before being knocked off due to failing a weigh-in after qualifying; his car was too light. That moved Coates to the front row, next to Quarles, but it was Quarles who shot out from the field at the start.

Quarles, Coates and Parkhurst dueled for a while, but Quarles led by a second and a half after 16 laps of the 25-lap race.

Thunder Bombers: Dylan Chappell took the top spot in the main event, with Tinker Roberts second and Dan Lawson third.

Chappell started on the pole and used it to get to the front of the field on the opening lap. Roberts, who had originally started the race on the inside of Row 3, surged to second place. A rough accident on the second lap brought the contest to a halt for a time, but when the race resumed, Chappell remained in the top spot.

Front-Wheel Drive: A green-white-checkered flag finish provided some drama, but Travis Jamieson was able to pull away in the final two laps and won by 1.175 seconds. Seth Smith was second and Troy McDonald third.

A caution just before Jamieson took the white flag forced the green-white-checkered finish.

On the only attempt needed at the two-lap sprint to the finish, Jamieson used a strong restart to maintain his lead.

602 Crate: Colt Smith dominated the field in the main event, beating Alan Shifferly by more than four seconds. They were the only two drivers to finish on the lead lap.

Cody Overton held seond until being

Smith took the lead from the start with Cody Overton holding down second place, but Overton crashed on the eighth lap.

4-Cylinder: Phillip Wilson won the main event by more than five seconds over Aaron Summitt, while J.R. Baker took third.

The lead cars had an easy time of it in the main event, with Wilson lapping cars at the tail end of the field just five laps into the 12-lap main event. Wilson had this one in hand quickly, leading by 2.8 seconds over Summitt with just seven laps in the books.

Demolition Derby: Eric Caughorn was one of three drivers to survive to the finish of the demolition derby, along with Danny Davis and Brandon Davis. As a result all three were declared co-winners and split the first-place money.

The marathon battle had its share of wild crashes from start to finish, but none crazier than when Chris Rooney drove toward J.J. Williams’ car, lifting it off the ground and leaving it to rest on top of Rooney’s car. The derby was stopped for a time to allow Williams’ car to come back down, and after everything was okay, the derby continued, ending in the three-way tie.