It’s not unusual to see tempers flare at a dirt track, or any competitive endeavor, for that matter.

An exciting first half of the main event in the Limited Division at Laurens County Speedway turned on a caution flag and left one driver so hot under the collar that his actions got him knocked out of the race.

Frank Coates won the main event Saturday night, a week after letting a lead get away in the main. Tony Quarles was second, Austin Watkins third, Mac Huey fourth and Mike Kernells fifth.

A pair of false starts made for a choppy start to the main event, but after the third start was clean, Coates zipped into the lead with Deano Long challenging for that spot. The two had dueled a week earlier, with Long eventually passing Coates to take the victory, and by the eighth lap, the two were locked up again.

The race turned once it hit the halfway mark. By then the leaders had caught up to the tail end of the field, and Long had been nearly side-by-side just a few laps before. Quarles, with the help of the lapped traffic, was about to put runnerup Long a lap down, but Long found himself in trouble after he brought out a caution flag.

The two were trying to pass Kernells, who had already been lapped by Coates, with Long and Quarles making contact, enough to bring out the caution. Once under caution, Long showed his displeasure over the incident and tried to take out Quarles while the caution period was still underway. The move led to Long being disqualified from the race.

SECA 604 Crate: Brad Rachels won his third straight main event, turning back a late charge from Brad Carpenter. Carpenter was second and Danny Howell third.

Rachels, just like the last two weeks, used a strong start to take a lead once the green flag flew. Carpenter tried to stay close in the early going, but Rachels started to pull away through the second lap. Once the race hit the halfway mark, Rachels was up by 1.654 seconds and, though Carpenter close in during the final four laps, Rachels’ lead proved insurmountable.

602 Crate: Michael Smith dominated, winning his main event by a whopping 6.085 seconds. Travis Morgan was second and Colt Smith third.

After an opening-lap crash forced a full restart, Michael Smith was able to find his way to the front of the field as Colt Smith and Morgan dueled for second place. The race was hit with frequent cautions over the first six laps before finally hitting a long stretch of green-flag racing on lap 6. Smith then pulled comfortably away.

Morgan barely held off Smith for second.

Front-Wheel Drive: Travis Jamieson took home the checkered flag with Jason Bishop second and Billy Medlin third.

Jamieson started on the outside of Row 1 after finishing second in his heat race, but at the start, Jamieson seized the edge. The race came to a stop for a caution on lap 3, then another on lap 4, but through it all, Jamieson maintained his hold on the lead.

Medlin moved up to fourth on the fifth lap of the race, and eventually moved to third on the next-to-last lap.

As for Jamieson, he continued to push ahead and eventually won the race over Bishop by a little more than 1.5 seconds.

Thunder Bombers: Dan Lawson drove the top car, picking up the checkered flag. Scott Pulley was second and Dylan Chappell third.

The efficiently-run, caution-free race saw Lawson edge out from the outside of Row 1 to get the lead from Pulley at the start.

Once the top four cars separated themselves from the rest of the field, Lawson pulled away, eventually winning by 1.057 seconds.

4-Cylinder: J.R. Baker grabbed the victory in the main event, with Scott Nelson second and Daniel Creamer third.

Baker and Nelson pulled away from the rest of the field. The lead eventually was cut to less than a half second at the halfway mark, but Baker was able to eventually expand the lead and won by more than a second as a result.

Young Guns: T.J. Teal won an abbreviated main-event dual race, while Kayley Garner was second.

Teal pulled away with a sizable lead from the start of the race but ran into trouble when he had a flat rear tire. After the caution period Garner, now in front, hit the gas to resume the race with Garner trying to get by quickly. His move led to contact with Garner’s car, sending it into the outside wall on the front stretch, then the inside, before coming to a stop. She was unable to continue the race, giving Teal the victory.