If the high school football teams at Laurens District and Clinton high schools do not succeed this fall, it will not be for want of communication.

The coaching staffs and players were out in force on Friday, opening day for practice, teaching as much as any bow-tied prof in a crowded lecture hall.

“You might be wondering why we give everything names,” Laurens head coach Chris Liner told his charges. “It’s because if we give everything we do a name, that we don’t have to explain it over and over. We should be past that by now.”

Liner feels a bit ahead of the game. His team is accustomed to an offense that was installed last year. In Clinton, Corey Fountain is in his first year. The Red Devils were running lots of misdirection on Friday.

It was hot but not oppressively so. Both teams started when the sun was low and finished up with it brightly overhead.

The heat will weigh more heavily next week when the Raiders and Red Devils put the pads on fully and get a chance to use them.