“Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.”

It’s not what Grandma had in mind, right before she threatened “to go cut me a switch,” but it came to mind on Wednesday at Clinton High School, where the Red Devils practiced for two hours in the morning and then took time – in fact, a lot of time – to have their pictures taken.

The carefully deployed flashes started going off at 10 a.m., but by the time the football players finished smiling for the camera as a whole, individually and in groups, it was mid-afternoon. When Red Devils take photos for the fall, the photos are of everybody.

Corey Fountain’s first football team shed its sweaty practice togs, showered, prettied itself, enjoyed a tasty snack and cracked open the jerseys and pants they are wearing when the lights come on and the band starts playing.

Meanwhile, cheerleaders, volleyballers, tenniseans, and various and sundry harriers smiled for cameras at several nearby locations.

CHS has many versatile athletes, which is why, inside the gym, young men wearing football uniforms were playing basketball with volleyballs, trying mainly without success to dunk.

Fountain, upon arriving at the scene and experiencing visions of freak injuries, prevailed upon them to stop leaping out of control in their slides, flip-flops and socks. One of life’s mysteries is why most athletes who suffer freak injuries happen to play on baseball teams, and baseball players won’t be having their pictures taken for another five months, but all of Fountain’s players emerged intact even after taking an introductory mountain-climbing class to the top of a mobile riser that left as a trailer behind the photographer’s rig on the way back to Camden.

It was just another day on the way to being a winner.