A trivia contest is serious business.

Some of the teams competing in the fundraiser for the Laurens County Museum played it like sports Thursday night. Everyone knew when their answers were right. They stood, clapped, whooped, fist-bumped and high-fived. Pompons would have been perfect for them to swish.

Others played it like poker, warily eyeing the competition and whispering.

I think they got.


I think so.

Others didn’t take it too seriously, Those were mainly the ones who didn’t win.

The high school kids were represented, adept at what they had recently learned but frustrated by having to attempt to answer questions about music, movies, sports and TV about people and events whose fame preceded their birth.

The veterans in the crowd often agonized over answers they knew and photos they recognized, but they just couldn’t flip through their overcrowded mental rolodexes and come up with a name.

The final, pivotal, bet-the-ranch question was an ID. It was a photo of a man wearing a Beach Boys cap.

Ah, hah! A Beach Boy!

Oh, what is his name?

Is it Brian Wilson?

No … Brian Wilson hated that guy.

Well, I can’t think of it. You want to put Brian Wilson?

No. I’m 100 percent sure it’s not Brian Wilson. It’s … (expletive).

It was Mike Love, a name too common for memory extraction. If his name had been Pablo Torrealba, everyone would have gotten it.

Well, except for the high school kids, who may know only Beach Boys songs that were covered by a group of teen South Koreans or something.

A team from First Baptist Church, consisting of David and Susan Corley, Brent Smith and Feagin Hardy, won, and the looks on their faces suggested that they knew most everything. They probably had it all the way.

The leadership of the Museum, which is industriously raising money to complete the renovation of the Witherspoon Building, was overjoyed with the results. They didn’t have any totals, in terms of money raised, by the time the affair ran its course, but a common phrase was that it “exceeded our wildest expectations.”

Plus, it was fun. They had that going for them.