Practically every player, uniformed either Clinton or Midland Valley, would have said it was good to hit someone other than one another.

The Red Devils, from Region 3-3A, and the Mustangs, from Region 4-4A, gave about as good as they got in a football scrimmage, the first for both, on Friday morning at the Clinton High School practice field.

Because of an abundance of rain, Red Devil head coach Andrew Webb moved it from night to morning and from Wilder Stadium at Clinton Middle School to the practice facility at CHS, about a half mile away.

Nevertheless, about 100 parked on the hill, filtered in and out, carried their fold-out chairs down and placed them along the sidelines. Some watched from the hill, near their cars, lest they need to get back to work. It rained a little near the end, but not harshly.

Both defenses were physical at times, susceptible to yielding big plays, and effective at preventing offenses from sustaining long drives.

Webb said about the scrimmage a sentence he often says: “We gotta get better.”

He added, “We made some mistakes throughout the day. Sometimes we made the same mistakes more than once, and that’s a little frustrating. But … that’s why you come out and scrimmage. I would rather make mistakes on August 3 than August 24 (the season opener), and I know our guys will respond well and come back Monday ready to work.

“Being consistent is what it’s going to take to be a good football team. At times, we made some good tackles, and in others, we missed some tackles. We have to be more consistent in every phase of the game.”

Webb singled out the performance of a freshman.

“Davis Wilson made a heck of a touchdown catch, and for a freshman like him to come out and compete and learn and block and catch the way he has, that’s a tip of the hat for that freshman,” he said.