Two scrimmages into preseason football preparation, Clinton head coach Andrew Webb said he is pleased with what he has seen.

“Yeah,” he said, “we’re pleased with the effort, the attitude. We just need to keep getting better every day to get where we want to be.”

Ninety Six gave the Red Devils plenty of competition, scoring early on a long run before Clinton tightened up. Neither offense sustained much. Clinton concentrated on the running game.

“Between Friday and now, there were a lot of things we improved on,” Webb said. “A lot of the time we spent on small things that required attention to detail. At the same time, this was just another day where we also identified more things we have to get better at. I think they’ll continue to respond and push each other to get better.”

Clinton scrimmaged Midland Valley on Aug. 3, its third day in pads, and the Red Devils move on to play in jamborees on Thursday (vs. Blue Ridge at Woodruff) and Friday (at home against Brookland-Cayce) nights.

Clocks will run and scores will be mounted on Thursday and Friday.

“It’s a little change,” Webb said. “From just a regular scrimmage setup, it doesn’t matter as much the down and distance. There’s a small amount of change with a scoreboard, but it’s just another new experience on the way to the season starting.”

In conclusion, Webb said of Tuesday’s affair, “I think our guys have been really coachable. Tonight I was a little disappointed with the way we handled the heat, but it was also the first time it’s been really hot since we put pads on.”