It’s out in the country. People park on the side of the road, lower their tailgates and unfold their chairs. An inordinately large number of them are dressed in camouflage, as if they’ve been out with their shotguns, and they might’ve.

It’s the Mount Olive Christmas Parade, run up and down a stretch of road, near the banks of the Reedy River and Lake Greenwoood and the town of Waterloo.

It’s a big deal, and even though the joy of Christmas is just ahead, Laurens County’s Christmas Parade season ends here.

Like most parades, this one has horses, all saddled in Western style. It has beauty queens, one being the Possum Princess 2018. It has Shriners riding along in vehicles that are too small for them. Almost all the pets along the route are puppies and dogs because cats have more sense in more ways than one.

Old is good. Old cars. Deputy Fife motors by. The Clampetts of Beverly would have felt at home, not to mention the Duke boys of Hazzard. New cars, too, but more new tractors.

Rain has fallen more than usual lately. Clinton held its parade on a rainy Saturday morning, and Laurens canceled its affair that evening because the weather worsened. It drizzled for 15 minutes or so on Mount Olive, but no one minded except the guy in a hurry to leave who left his umbrella.