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Each week readers are invited to meet some Laurens Alumni who have joined teachers and faculty of Laurens County School District 55.

These alumni have taken some time to look back on memories from high school, favorite teachers and faculty, and give readers an opportunity to learn more about them and their accomplishments thus far.

"The dedication and loyalty of Laurens alumni in our school district are legendary," said District 55 in a release. "Laurens alumni make extraordinary things happen in our classrooms and schools. We are grateful to have them back with us influencing the future leaders of America. If you see any of our alumni in the hallways or grocery stores, please stop and thank them for coming back to make a difference.

This week's alumni spotlight features Ben Coleman.

What year did you graduate?

I graduated in 2007.


What is your overriding memory from high school?

The memory that sticks out the most was getting to travel to different schools to play basketball my senior year. This is one of the reasons why I love to coach today. Seeing the schools that I played at back then and seeing how they have changed since.


Who was your favorite teacher/faculty member at the high school?

My favorite teacher while in high school was Mrs. Hill. She made learning interesting. She is one of the teachers who inspired me to want to become a teacher.


What activities were you involved in at the high school?

I was involved in marching band as well as playing basketball and running track.


Details of further/ higher education:

Currently I am enrolled at Grand Canyon University for Special Education. I am in my second year.


Where do you teach? What subject and grade level do you teach?

I am currently an assistant at Laurens High School in a special needs class.


Tell us about yourself -- family, where you live, etc.

First and foremost, I am a member of the White Plains Baptist Church, where I am the drummer. I have an older brother and sister. I have been dating my girlfriend for the last year. I currently live in Laurens where I have lived for the past 26 years. I am also a family person.


What do you think your greatest accomplishment is thus far?

My greatest accomplishment thus far is being able to work in the school district to help the students accomplish what they can. Being a basketball coach is something I am also proud of.