Cassandra Campbell

Write-in candidate Cassandra Campbell defeated David Turner to win the special election for Laurens City Council-District 3 on Tuesday.  

Campbell won with 39 votes to Turner’s 36 votes. Seventy-five out of 786 registered voters in Laurens 3 and Laurens 4 cast a ballot in the special election for a turnout of just over nine percent.

The special election was necessary after the death of councilman Johnny Kelly earlier this year.

Turner was the only candidate to file for the open seat but Campbell lodged a write-in campaign as a challenger.

In the Laurens 3 precinct, Campbell received 39 votes and Turner received 32 votes. In the Laurens 4 precinct, Turner received 4 votes.

The vote totals are unofficial and will be certified on Friday by the Laurens County Election Commission.