Sun heat

The City of Clinton has issued a heat advisory for the coming week.

Daytime temperatures will be mostly in the upper 90s with humidity making it feel as hot as 100-105. Even overnight lows will be very warm. It was hot during the month of July, and August temperatures will also be high.

The city is providing helpful links to information as everyone attempts to stay cool. Please remember to check on family and friends, with small children and the elderly, who may have difficulty in this weather. Please remember pets need help staying cool, too, with shade and water.

Drink plenty of water and try to limit time outdoors to early morning and evening.

As citizens try to stay cool, they will use more electricity to run fans and air conditioners. Setting devices a few degrees higher will help keep power bills down during this period.

The best news is that fall is just around the corner Please be safe and stay cool.

"A hot and humid airmass will move across the area Monday through Wednesday. Heat index values are expected to be in the 100 to 105 degree range each afternoon, with a few locations experiencing dangerous heat index values above 105 degrees. Extreme caution should be used when participating in outdoor activity.” – National Weather Service.