King Dixon

The City of Laurens honored the legacy of one of her most respected native sons, Lt. Col. Albert King Dixon II, USMC (retired) on Friday afternoon. 

Mayor Nathan Senn issued a proclamation which recognizes the day as “King Dixon Day” in the City of Laurens, the second time this honor has been bestowed upon him by the citizens of Laurens. The first such proclamation occurred in 1954.

On Friday afternoon, Dixon’s funeral service took place at First Presbyterian Church of Laurens. Due to public health concerns, in-person attendance at this service was limited to members of the Dixon family. The service was live-streamed for those that wanted to take part remotely. 

Due to the large number of people that wished to participate in showing their gratitude for the life and service of Dixon, in lieu of in-personal attendance at the funeral service, members of the public lined both sides of Main Street from First Presbyterian Church to the intersection of West Main Street and South Harper Street to pay their final respects as the funeral cortege passed on its way to Forest Lawn Cemetery.   

Individuals were encouraged to bring flags which are representative of the service of Dixon’s life, e.g. the American flag, SC flag, Marine flag, and flags representing Laurens High School and the University of South Carolina. 

Accompanying the funeral cortege from First Presbyterian Church to Forest Lawn Cemetery was an honor escort of the City of Laurens Police Department. The interment at the cemetery, where Dixon will be laid to rest with full military honors, was also reserved for members of the Dixon family. 

"The City of Laurens, Laurens County, and the State of South Carolina owe a debt of gratitude to King Dixon for his lifetime of contributions," said Mayor Nathan Senn. "It is our honor to show his family, and especially his dear wife Augusta, the appreciation we have for his life and service."

WHEREAS, Albert King Dixon II, a citizen and resident of Laurens, South Carolina now enjoys eternal rest, having departed this mortal life on July 6, 2020; and
WHEREAS, as a native son of Laurens, Dixon devoted his life to following his personal mantra of faith, family and service; and
WHEREAS, Dixon was driven by a motivation to do all that he could to the best of his ability, and he did so on the fields of athletic competition, in the jungles of Vietnam, in the halls of higher education, in the Sunday school classroom and Boy Scout troop meetings, in the boardrooms of the financial industry, and in the efforts he put forth to support countless community organizations and improvements; and
WHEREAS, Dixon was a man whose life exemplified the values we hold most dear as a community – one who does justice, loves mercy, and walks humbly before his God – and so his life should serve as an exemplar for the entire community, especially the youth of Laurens, of honor, sacrifice, and dutiful citizenship; and
WHEREAS, Dixon did not serve seeking glory and honor for himself, but sought always to give glory to God by loving the Lord with all his heart, soul, and mind, and by loving his neighbor as himself; and
WHEREAS, it cannot be overstated that Laurens would not be the community that it is today without the innumerable contributions, both monumental and incidental, of this great man, and thus it is altogether fitting and proper that we should recognize him in death just as we loved him in life; and
WHEREAS, Dixon, beloved husband, devoted father and grandfather, respected Elder, and tireless servant of his Nation and the State of South Carolina, will be laid to rest on Friday, July 10, 2020;
NOW THEREFORE, I Nathaniel Bruce Senn III, Mayor of the City of Laurens, South Carolina, do hereby recognize and proclaim Friday, July 10, 2020, as “King Dixon Day” in the City of Laurens, and I urge all citizens of Laurens to pay their respects and show fitting gratitude for the life and service of Albert King Dixon II.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this Ninth Day of July, in the year Two Thousand Twenty, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the two hundred and forty-fourth.