Billy's Blog: We deserve better from Laurens County Council


All Laurens County employees are invited to an appreciation lunch and family day on June 28 at the County Park.

At its Tuesday night meeting, Laurens County Council authorized an expenditure and time off for county employees to conduct its first-ever Employee Appreciation Day. Since it’s a Friday, all offices will not be able to be closed: some county offices are state-financed, and the county council has no jurisdiction.

For those offices, department heads will have the discretion to allow some employees to attend for lunch, and some to keep the office open. Then they can switch places, or lunch can be brought to these on-duty employees.

County offices are authorized to be closed at noon, and employees in “non-essential” roles will have the rest of the afternoon off.

Council approved an expenditure of up to $5,000, plus the cost of renting a tent, tables and chairs. If not rented, tables and chairs will come from District 56. County Council members will cook the picnic-style lunch, and kids’ games will be available.

County employees will be encouraged to invite their immediate families for the appreciation event.

It’s the culminating event of the first Laurens County Appreciation Week, June 24-28, suggested by Council Chairman Dr. David Pitts.

We need a head count,” Pitts told County Administrator Jon Caime and Recreation Director Andy Howard.

The money will come from an account the county uses to support special events (Laurens County Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, for example). The account has about $20,000 in it, council was told.

Pitts said the appreciation day is purposefully timed to be around the Fourth of July.

He said Laurens County employees have done stellar work in decreasing workers’ compensation claims and, thus, how much the county must pay for workers’ compensation insurance.

Pitts said the employees should be thanked for that, and for their daily devotion to duty benefiting all the citizens of Laurens County.