At last, W. Brown Patterson may now take his place as the representative of District 4 on Laurens County Council.

On July 9, Patterson won the special Republican primary to succeed Stewart Jones, now a state representative, on County Council. He won 72 percent of the vote against Jennifer Garrett.

But a general election was necessary, even though Patterson had no Democratic opposition, for him to fill the vacant seat.

That general election was Tuesday, and Patterson received little competition from assorted write-ins.

Only 128 votes were cast. No one voted in six precincts. No one voted absentee.

The tally was Patterson 109, write-ins 19. The write-ins actually won Laurens 1 (2-1), Laurens 3 (3-0), Lydia Mill (1-0) and Long Branch (1-0). The most votes were cast in Laurens 5. Patterson won it, 28-7, and took Mountville (9-0) by unanimous consent.