Laurens County Treasurer Cynthia Burke announced on Thursday that a team of field agents will be visiting all mobile homes in the county in order to gather critical data for ensuring all county departments operate more efficiently.

County spokesperson Angela Leopard said, “This project is going to accomplish a number of things that will be helpful to the various departments across the county. For instance, for each mobile home, the field agents are going to lock in lat/long (latitude/longitude) coordinates that will be helpful to both our E-911 department and helpful to our GIS/Mapping department, as well. Updated photos will be taken on site and data will be collected in order to ensure that our county records are up to date.”

Ms. Leopard added, “This project is a positive for the county as it not only gives us a chance to bring our records up to date, but it also gives us a chance to communicate directly with owners or residents. On each visit, a Courtesy Notice will be left which covers a number of helpful topics and information useful to the owners of each mobile home. Today’s publication is just a ‘head’s up’ that this project will begin on October 22 and should run through the first or second week of November at the latest.”