The most noteworthy topic of discussion at Monday night’s regular monthly meeting of the Laurens Commission of Public Works was shared utility poles.

The poles are commonly shared by CPW, Charter and Frontier cable/internet services and Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative.

CPW recently replaced poles at 18 Wallace St., 2 Townsend St., 704 Watts Ave., 915 W. Main St., 677 N. Harper St., 707 Watts Ave., 101 Woodrow St., end of Copeland at Beattie St., 17 Smyth St. and a service pole at 203 Hillcrest Dr.

More recently poles have been changed out on Smythe St., Wilson St., Laurens View Dr., Hilldale Dr., Dagnal Cir., Jonella St., Conway Ave., S. Harper St. and Grant Dr.

Several of the poles replaced have been sheared and left at a reduced height because the other users have not connected to the new poles.

Commissioners unanimously agreed to amend the policy on inactive service restoration charges and increased the fee for natural gas extensions beyond 200 feet. While the reinstatement fee is still $200 per service, If the tap has been removed, a new tap fee must be paid to restore service. Because of safety concerns, all unused gas services have taps removed. The natural gas extensions (beyond 200 feet) will be increased from $2 to $3 per linear foot above 200.