City of Clinton Water Treatment Plant releases annual consumer confidence report


The Laurens CPW is continuing to battle the taste and odor problem in the drinking water.

Test results indicated that there are high levels of geosmin in the water at Lake Rabon. Geosmin is a natural organic compound with a distinct, earthy flavor and aroma produced by certain microorganisms. It is harmless to humans and animals.

A process to treat the geosmin has been identified, but it will take a few more days to get the product in and obtain the proper permit from the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Various types and dosages of carbon are being used to treat the geosmin. Once the correct product is identified and the correct dosage is determined, another permit from DHEC to implement that treatment process will be obtained.

The Laurens CPW takes safety and water quality very seriously. The water is completely safe to drink and use domestically.

CPW General Manager John Young issued a statement: “Again, we apologize for the length of time this process has taken. Please be assured that all available resources are being devoted to solving this problem. We ask for continued patience while we work through this event.”