Railroad crossing in Clinton closing for repairs


CSX Railroad has scheduled crossing repair closings from Newberry to Laurens in the coming weeks.

This will necessitate rerouting traffic. Signs will be in place marking detour routes.

Listed below are the locations of closings affecting Laurens County:


Springs Branch Rd. (off U.S. 76) closing on/around Feb. 21

Garys Lane (off U.S. 76), Feb. 20

Gable Hill Lane (off U.S. 76), Feb. 19.


Woodyard Rd. (off U.S. 76), March 5

W. Calhoun St. (off U.S. 76), March 4

N. Main St. (at Taylor St.), Feb. 28.


Thornwell St. (Main St. & W. Carolina Ave.), Feb. 26;

Bell St. (near W. Main St.), Feb. 25;

Airport Rd. (near W. Main), Feb. 25;

Woodland Dr. (off S.R. 30-46), Feb. 25;

Piedmont Ave. (off S.R. 30-46), Feb. 21;

Torrington Rd. (Torrington Hts. & Leonard Rd.), Feb. 21;

Medical Ridge Rd. (near Tool Shed Rd.), Feb. 21;

Tool Shed Rd. (near Medical Ridge Rd.), Feb. 21;

Calvin Bridges Rd. (near Recreational Park), Feb. 20.


Cinnamon Lane (off S.R. 30-53), Feb. 20;

Torrington Rd. (off Curry Rd.), Feb. 20;

Rocky Springs Rd. (near Curry Rd.), Feb. 20;

Yarborough Mill Rd. (between Lee Cary Rd. & U.S. 221), Feb. 19;

Fleming Mill Rd. (between Lee Cary Rd. & U.S. 221), Feb. 19