It turns out that sometimes firemen do rescue animals. On Monday in a Laurens residential area, it wasn’t a kitten in a tree, but it was a pair of fawns who, for some reason, decided it would be interesting to try to squeeze through a wrought-iron gate and became trapped there.

Enter Jeremy Gibbs and Robert Riser of the Laurens Fire Department, who on Tuesday evening freed the baby deer after receiving a call from Martin Lowry, who lives next door to the home with the gates in question.

Asked how often his duties involving the fire department don’t involve fire, Gibbs said, “Not too often. It was my first time. I think we’ve gotten a kitten out of a drain occasionally.”

Gibbs and Riser, using their extrication equipment, managed to pry the bars open enough to get the fawns loose.

“One just ran off,” Gibbs said. “The other was in pretty rough shape. We called in a rescue, and Magnolia Fawn Rescue (Gray Court) helped us out. We stayed there, and my engineer (Riser) held the deer until they got there. The one that had to be taken to rescue was in distress.”

The incident occurred on Monday at about 7 p.m.