alcohol at events

In November of last year, Laurens County voters approved a referendum that allows Sunday sale of alcohol in restaurants and bars.

Initially, it was thought that the temporary permits provided for in the new law were only applicable in the county’s unincorporated areas. The cities of Laurens and Clinton initially approved ballot measures to hold similar referendums in March, but the S.C. Department of Revenue determined that the results of the general election made such measures unnecessary.

As a practical matter, what does the new law mean?

According to Bonnie Swingle, Public Information Director of the SCDOR, a Local Option Permit is designated as temporary in S.C. Code Section 61 and is for specific Sunday or Sundays. An LOP may be obtained for one Sunday up to 52 Sundays (year-round) at once.

Sunday sales of beer, wine and liquor are not yet in effect.

“Our systems are currently being updated for businesses to apply for alcohol licenses in counties that passed related referendums,” Swingle said. “Businesses should be able to apply within the next two weeks. Updates will be posted to our website.”

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