Each week you are invited to meet a Laurens Alumnus who has returned and joined the staff of Laurens County School District 55.

Each alumnus will take some time to look back on memories from high school, remind us of their favorite teachers and give us an opportunity to learn more about them and their accomplishments thus far.

“The dedication and loyalty of Laurens alumni in our school district are something worth celebrating,” said District 55 in a release. “Our alumni make extraordinary things happen in our classrooms and schools. We are grateful to have them back with us as they influence the future leaders of America. If you see any of our alumni in the hallways or grocery stores, please stop and thank them for coming back to make a difference.”

Please meet this week’s Alumnus in the spotlight, Joseph Adams, Jr.

What year did you graduate?

I graduated from high school in 2012.

What is your overriding memory from high school?

I would have to say the Band-Aid speech given to me by Mrs. Washam my junior year of school. I won’t go into detail but it was a good life lesson.

Who was your favorite teacher/faculty member at the high school and why?

My favorite teacher from high school would have to be Mrs. Simmons or Mrs. Washam; they both stand out because of their care and concern for me throughout my time at LDHS.

What activities were you involved in at the high school?

I played football my ninth and 10th-grade years, ran cross country my junior and senior years. I was a wrestler all throughout high school and later went to college for that sport. I also ran track all throughout high school.

Details of further / higher education (e.g. place of study and qualifications gained):

I left school to study secondary education at Spartanburg Methodist until young adolescent choices changed my path. I chose to join the Army where my skills in the construction industry were advanced. I worked many different jobs until joining the district as a maintenance employee, I recently obtained my certificate to teach based upon a CATE certification in the construction field.

Where do you teach? What subject and grade level do you teach?

I currently teach at Laurens District 55 High School as the building construction teacher, where I teach all grade levels, ninth-12th.

Tell us about yourself: family, where you live, etc.

After graduation in May of 2012, I went on to college to wrestle and earn my degree in teaching. I left school to join the Army, where I served in the Reserves until May of 2017. I married my wife, Rachel, in September of 2015 after meeting her at our home church in Hickory Tavern. I have served on the media/praise team at my church since arriving there in 2013. Rachel and I have two handsome boys, ages 1 and 2, and we are expecting our third child in May of 2019. We have just purchased a home in Laurens to grow our young family. I have coached wrestling here at the high school for about 4 years now and just finished up my first year as a cross country coach. I also coach the LDHS Anglers fishing team that competed in its first tournament this month.

What do you think your greatest accomplishment is thus far?

I would say my greatest accomplishment so far would be raising my boys and trying my best to raise my family in a God-centered home, but, I am just beginning in life and there are many things I hope to accomplish in the future.