Fly like an eagle … to the sea. Fly like an eagle. Let my spirit carry me …

Written by Steve Miller and his band, the sentiment echoes across the playground of Ford Elementary School, thanks to the work of artist Colette Miller.

Julie Wilkie, a kindergarten paraprofessional, was instrumental in the fundraising and procurement that made the artful new playground, dedicated on August 15, a reality.

She wanted a mural. Miller, who lives in Los Angeles, paints murals. She wanted wings. Ford was once a high school until the early 1970s. Ford High was the Eagles. The moniker is still used today.

Miller paints murals of wings. At its origin, putting the artist and school together was a matter of internet research. Google. Yahoo. Bing. Wikipedia.

Miller, who has trotted the globe and lived at one time or another in quite a bit of it, created the Global Wings Project in 2012 in Los Angeles, the City of Angels in Spanish. Her wings began as street art “to remind humanity that we are the angels of this earth.” She has painted wings globally – Kenya, Australia, England, Japan, France, Cuba, Mexico (Juarez), China and across the U.S.

This week she painted wings at Ford.

Her palette honored schools throughout School District 55: the green of Laurens District High School, the blue of Ford and Laurens Middle, the purple of Sanders and Gray Court-Owings, the burgundy of Hickory Tavern, and so on.

Miller, born in Richmond, Va., is the daughter of a father from America and a mother who grew up in Indonesia and the Netherlands. She once played in a punk metal band.

Of her art, Miller said, “Though some are commissioned and others gifted, the wings themselves are free to the world.”

Never owned by anyone, not even the artist, they are “of her provenance and her work.”