The South Carolina Band Director's Association (SCBDA) announced that the competitive state championships would be canceled for this year.

Along with that decision, many of the local competitions that are hosted by independent high schools and school districts have also been canceled for the school year.

For the Clinton High School Band, this means that that they have to shift their focus away from the competitive side of the marching band and focus more on the community-oriented, showmanship aspects of the activity.

Their focus for this season will be to support CHS teams at all home games for as long as the guidelines allow.

Preparations for the season have been altered from what they would typically do. They are pairing down the number of students rehearsing at the same time, implementing research-supported recommendations for sanitation, ventilation, and social-distancing, and providing a variety of means for students to be involved; both in-person and remotely.

“Our goal as a fine arts department at LCSD56 is to continue providing meaningful, music-making opportunities for students that add value to their lives, both aesthetically through the art of music, and socio-emotionally through the friendships and formative experiences of students' schooling-aged years,” said band director Kolman McMurphy.

Laurens District 55 High School band is also facing the same challenges.

Their band consists of over 100 members that are having to shift their focus from winning competitions to other aspects of the band world.

According to band director Sara Glogowski, almost all of the band's fall competitions have been canceled. She will prepare her band to be ready for competitions in the spring if they are allowed to happen.

LDHS's band will let the seniors choose the shows they do throughout the year since there will not be a state competition this year.

As of now, their band also has not been allowed to practice, and once they can begin that they will follow the same guidelines as the Clinton High School Band.