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Congressman Jeff Duncan visits to discuss national and local issues

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South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan stopped by the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce Friday morning to meet with his constituents over issues facing Laurens County as well as to give an update on what is happening in Washington, D.C.

“If we’re going to be a government for the people, by the people, then I need to be out talking to the people,” Congressman Duncan said.

The Congressman discussed topics ranging from ISIS and Ebola to local issues like South Carolina economics and roadways.

When it comes to ISIS, or ISIL which is the term Duncan prefers, the Congressman believes a deadly and decisive push back is needed by the US. He also said that the approximately 3000 troops that President Obama is sending to help lend aid in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa would be better utilized fighting the militants in Iraq.

“We need to release the dogs of war,” Duncan said.

County Councilman Ernie Segars voiced his concerns about Ebola in America saying that some small hospitals and EMS services are having a hard time getting the proper gear to handle the disease.

Duncan believes there should be an increase in Ebola preparations starting with a stop on travels in and out of West Africa and quarantining anyone who has been there or been in contact with someone who has. He mentioned the quarantine efforts of the countries surrounding Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone and how they have been successful in keeping the virus out.

The discussion quickly turned to local matters with LCDC Deputy Director Jonathon Coleman asking questions about the economic infrastructure in SC which he says is less than desirable.

Duncan said that one of the things South Carolina needs is the ability to perform effective oversight hearings on state-runned projects, citing the Fairview Bridge in Fountain Inn as an example. Repairs to the bride would supposedly cost nearly $50 million while a stretch of the interstate nearly 19 miles long was fully repaired using approximately $15 million.

Another major topic of discussion was the issue of finding skilled labor to fill steel working and other jobs in the state. Duncan said that the promotion of these jobs should start earlier with even middle school age kids to show them that the traditional four year college degree is not the only option anymore to get a high paying job.

Coleman mentioned the Piedmont Tech Center for Advanced Manufacturing near Laurens that received a federal grant to fund its operations of trade skill training, saying that it was “money well spent.”

Other topics briefly touched on in the discussion included the finding of a supplemental water supply for Laurens, minimum wage and even the privacy issues surrounding the commercial and recreational use of drones.

Congressman Duncan says that people can be better informed than ever with social media which he utilizes on his “Congressman Jeff Duncan” Facebook page. ( You can also visit his website to learn more about Duncan and the issues he deals with.

Duncan is a member of the U.S. House Representatives serving the third Congressional District in South Carolina.

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