Joanna Woodson

The students and faculty at Joanna-Woodson Elementary School in Joanna recently presented a gift to the Laurens County Cancer Association.

During the month of May, Eddie Marshall, principal of Joanna-Woodson Elementary School, encouraged students and staff alike to raise money to help citizens of Laurens County who are battling cancer.

Over $1,000 was raised in just four weeks by engaging everyone to give in several creative ways.

Fund-raising efforts included the following: (1.) A school dance was organized and participants were charged to attend; (2.) permission to wear pajamas to school one day was granted to each student who donated $1; (3.) faculty gave $1 per day to wear jeans to work; (4.) a day was set aside to allow anyone who paid $1 to wear a funny hat to school, etc.

Proceeds from this special fund-raiser will help citizens of Laurens County going through treatment for cancer. The LCCA can be contacted by calling 833-3976.