Need to boost those endorphins while quarantined? No problem! A YouTube “Bearcat Burnout” video by Lander alumna Morgan Layne Greb will get you up and moving.

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Since the world was rocked by the COVID-19 crisis in March, The Lander Foundation and the Lander University Alumni Association have stepped up their efforts to stay in touch with alumni of all ages and all locations throughout the world, said Mike Worley, vice president for University Advancement at Lander.

“We want to make sure that our alumni are connected to Lander during this uncertain time and to any resources or information that we might have to help them,” he said.

One of the first actions by the foundation and alumni association was sending letters to alumni over the age of 60 offering help if needed. More than 5,000 responses expressing gratitude came back to Lander via email, phone and letters, including one alumnus who said that it was “nice to hear from someone who isn’t a family member,” Worley said.

The foundation and alumni association also mailed 500 bottles of hand sanitizer to alumni, an act that prompted numerous responses of appreciation. “It seemed like a small gesture,” Worley said, “but it was greatly appreciated.”

Since March, Lander has generated some 166,000 contacts, also called “touches,” with alumni, including about 8,000 emails and phone calls that are personal and tailored to a specific individual and their association to Lander. Lander graduates, who are ending their academic programs in May, will be contacted three times before they leave for their future endeavors, he said.

Respectful of the difficult situations that many people are facing, the university has opted not to raise funds so far during the pandemic except for the establishment of a COVID-19 Student Crisis Fund to assist students in need. 

Among the other outreach efforts:

  • A Lunch and Learn webinar “Bringing Clarity to Chaos – Professionally and Personally,” was presented in early April by Lander alumna Kimberly Faith, now available via Zoom;

  • An inspirational message from iHeartRadio personality Ashley Ferry, a Lander alumna who says her “dream of radio began at Lander”;

  • Creation of a Web page, now under way, featuring profiles of the small businesses of Lander alumni;

  • A “drop-in” Ring Ceremony for Lander juniors and seniors at the Alumni Association office when the official program was canceled because of the pandemic;

  • An upcoming Alumni Engagement Survey.

“Smaller colleges and universities value connections with their alumni, and our alumni value those connections,” Worley said. “We want to stay in touch.”