laurens city council 5-18

Laurens City Council gave unanimous, first-reading approval to a fiscal-year, 2018-19 budget of $7,415,700, and, doubtless because the councilors had already deliberated at length about its provisions, it went through with nary a discouraging word on Tuesday.

The budget amounts to $6,825,700 in general funds and $590,000 in hospitality. Those numbers will be resurrected in the next meeting for second and final approval.

The May meeting was more sentiment than action. The most notable item of discussion was over how city administrator Gary Coleman is making progress in getting the owners of three poorly maintained homes in prominent areas of the city to tidy up.

Mayor Pro Tem Sara C. Latimore was in charge due to the hospitalization of Mayor John Stankus. His Honor has had a hip replaced and is resting a bit more comfortably at Laurens County Hospital for a few more days. The mayor sent his regards and the council sent theirs back in return. Stankus is undergoing physical therapy and anxious to return to City Hall.

The votes – approve the agenda, approve the minutes, approve first reading of the budget and approve adjournment – were quick, routine and unanimous.