Laurens County Adult Education recently celebrated its spring graduates at an evening ceremony held at the Higher Education Center.

Fifteen graduates and seven Adult Education National Honor Society students and graduates were recognized during the ceremony. National Honor Society inductees wore purple stoles in recognition of their induction, and they chose family members or staff members to pin them during that ceremony. Graduates chose family members to present their graduate certificates.

Students who earned WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificates wore bronze, silver, or gold cords to represent their levels of achievement.

Dr. Joe Makla, program director, introduced Jennifer Hammond and Brittney White, two recent graduates. Both women shared their success stories and the challenges they had faced in life as they sought to encourage their fellow graduates as well as anyone in the audience who had not completed a high school diploma or GED®.

Clorissa Orrick from Piedmont Technical College recognized Lucy Homes and Brittney White as Piedmont Tech Adult Achievers. Both graduates have already enrolled at Piedmont Tech and are working towards their degrees. They wore gold stoles indicating this recognition. Orrick also explained scholarship information that is available to GED® graduates.

Laurens County Adult Education is currently running two summer sessions. New students may enroll at 8:30 AM or 5:00 PM on June 18, July 9, or July 23. Fall classes begin on August 6 at most sites.