CPW may 18

CPW commissioners (L-R) Gerald Abercrombie and Jeff Thompson

The Laurens Commission of Public Works, citing increasing cost of operations, voted to raise the wholesale rate for water, effective July 1, to the Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission.

Calculations leading to the increase were based on the audited financials in LCPW’s agreement with LCWSC. The rate rises from $1.58 (for the first 600,000 gallons) to $1.66, an increase of 4.8 percent. The rate above 600,000 gallons rises from $0.97 to $1, a three percent increase.

“We probably should have made this increase earlier,” general manager John Young said.

The recommendation passed unanimously.

Young’s divisional reports were more extensive than usual. He discussed a smoke emergency at the LCPW offices, a motor-vehicle accident and a first-place performance by LCPW linemen in a statewide competition in “a cross-arm change-up.” Young also touted a new rock display wall at Hunter Industrial Park constructed by employees in a manner he described as both attractive and cost-efficient.

Administrative Director Blake Davis reviewed the details of a monthly financial report that was mostly in line with expectations. The board unanimously approved the facts and figures.

The board voted to change the June meeting date from June 11 to June 4 because of several conflicts. The audit report reviewed at the April meeting was also quickly approved.

The board also discussed complications in relations with the S.C. Department of Transportation. A potential requirement to move one line could cost CPW more than $100,000, though Young said DOT could decide not to require the change.

Before entering executive session – regarding a natural gas purchasing contract and an offer from an industrial prospect – Young discussed a minor issue with a water leak near the Laurens County Library.