The Laurens Commission of Public Works is not in the tank but it's water tank did bring home an award. 

Jay Vous of TNEMEC – it’s “cement” spelled backwards – presented Will Patterson, Superintendent of the Water & Wastewater Division, with a second-place award in the company’s Tank of the Year Contest. The Laurens tank is featured in TNEMEC’s annual calendar, “TNEMEC Tanks ’19.” A photo of the tank is the calendar’s feature for the month of July.

The caption reads:

After a successful run in the Tank of the Year contest a few years ago, the Laurens County Commission of Public Works raised the bar again on their 2018 water tank repaint project. The resulting design takes the patriotic American flag motif to the next level, incorporating stars and stripes in a new and creative way. The tank’s mural and logo were created using a high-pressure coating system from TNEMEC, including Series 700 HydroFlon for long-lasting protection from UV light degradation.

The Tank of the Year was from Katy, Texas. The People’s Choice was from Cayce, thanks to 7,600 votes from Cayce residents. It is both lovely and popular.

The board reelected Parker Moore as its chairman. The only reason it wasn’t unanimous was that Moore abstained. Brenda Curry was elected vice-chairman as the commission convened for the first time since the March 5 municipal elections.

General manager John Young presented Laurens CPW’s Incentive Bonus Goals, which are:

1. The CPW’s lowest residential rate for electricity will be within 10 percent of the state average as reported by DOE (Department of Energy).

2. The CPW’s lowest residential rate for natural gas will be within 5 percent of the state average.

3. The CPW will receive a combined average score of 8.5 or higher (on a scale of 10) on the annual consumer satisfaction survey.

4. We will have less than the average number of OSHA recordable accidents for similar type organizations.

5. We will increase the number of customers that receive E-bills by 10 percent as compared to 2018.

6. Overtime will be 5 percent or less of total regular-time hours (excluding uncontrollable events).

7. On average, CPW employees will miss no more than 40 hours during the year due to illness (excluding major ilnesses).

8. The Average Service Availability Index (ASAI) is the ratio of the total number of minutes that service was available to the total number of minutes demanded in a time period. The CPW’s ASAI score will be higher than the APPA regional averag of 99.5423 percent (excluding major storms and other uncontrollable events).

9. The CPW will be in full compliance with all regulatory agencies.

In order for all eligible employees to receive an equal share of the incentive pool, CPW must meet seven out of nine goals. Only employees who receive a “3” or higher on thei annual evaluation will be eligible to receive the incentive bonus. Employees hired after January will receive a pro-rata share of the incentive bonus base on their hire date.

Young reported that auditors have completed their annual on-site inspections and should be submitting their final review within a few weeks.