If you are a parent, grandparent, or care about the children in Laurens School District 55, this is a must read.

There are some items in the District 55 policy manual that will have a devastatingly negative impact on our community, especially the children. It is my understanding that the school board, at the recommendation of the administration, voted earlier this year to include the words “Gender Identity” in the school student policy manual. There were five yes votes, one no vote, and one absent.

At the most recent board meeting, a recommendation was made to include the phrase in another part of the plan. One board member made a a motion to remove that language, but the motion failed for a lack of a second. This matter is still pending.

What is the significance of making “gender identity” part of the school's policy? It gives moral legitimacy to a fraud committed against our children.

There are only two sexes, male and female. This isn't speculation; this is science and biology. The years of growing up are fraught with more than enough uncertainty and insecurity. For those involved in this, we should offer compassion, kindness and help, but ignoring the truth is neither compassionate, kind nor helpful.

Those who support the gender identity policy on the school board say they do so because that is what the law requires. They have failed to produce the actual law that mandates the usage of those exact words. Because a lawyer, a government bureaucrat, or the school board association says so does not make it a law.

A profound consequence of such policies spreading like wildfire across our country negatively affects female athletes from the young and old. We already see report after report of male athletes claiming to be female enter previously all female events and running away with a new world record.

How devastating to a young girl who works 12 years for the Olympics, only to be defeated by a male who decides a month earlier that he's a female. Make no mistake. Females are the losers in this politically correct scheme.

Do you know where your school board member stands on this? Go to the Laurens School District 55 website. Click on Laurens District 55 School Board contact information. Be polite, but ask them where they stand.


Keith Tripp