As the Mayor of the City of Laurens, I see the challenges our city faces on a daily basis. I also have tremendous optimism about our future, provided we make wise choices, set the right priorities and aggressively work to improve our city. But with all that we can do working together as a city, there are still some decisions that are ultimately out of our control and are left to the judgment of Laurens County Council.

The future of our Historic Courthouse, the location and condition of various county government offices, funding for certain road repairs, the cooperation we receive (or not) in bringing the Swamp Rabbit Trail through the city, etc., to cite just a few examples, are all decisions which will have a tremendous impact on our future. And all of them will be made by County Council. The City of Laurens has a vested interest outcome of the upcoming election, and it is for that reason that I am writing this letter.

I am not endorsing either candidate, but I have had the pleasure of getting to know both of them throughout this race, and I hope to have a very positive working relationship with whomever is elected. But, as Mayor, I would encourage voters to consider these questions when deciding how to cast their votes:

  • Which candidate in this race is the most forward-thinking, able to make sound judgments as to whether an investment is a sound one – even if the payoff may be some time in the future – or if an investment is simply a waste of money or unsustainable?

  • Which candidate is better suited to understand the business community, so that we create a business-friendly environment in Laurens County which is competitive with other counties? Who will support not only pro-growth financial incentives and tax policies, but also support policies which will encourage community development and ensure an attractive quality of life for the employees of prospective employers.

  • Which candidate is not only active in the community and a vocal supporter of good causes, but is able to work well with others to build consensus, regardless of who gets the credit? Who is more concerned with making progress than headlines?

  • Which candidate is going to be driven by facts, research and metrics, rather than friendships, feelings and assumptions? Who will be willing to stand up against the crowd if the figures show a policy doesn’t make sense?

  • Which candidate would you rather see interviewed on a national news program, knowing that our elected leaders are a reflection to the watching world – especially those looking to invest here – of who we are? It is important to have leaders who are ready and willing to represent us well when notoriety, good or bad, comes.

  • As the councilor whose district includes the City of Laurens, which candidate will be best suited to advocate for the needs of our city to County Council, not at the expense of other communities, but understanding that what helps our city also helps the county at-large, and vice-versa.

I hope that everyone who is registered to vote in this election will exercise that right, and that, after carefully considering these questions, you will cast your vote for the candidate who is the right person for the job. I also hope both candidates see themselves as the answer to these questions, and once elected, that the winner will dutifully serve the people of this county, keeping these priorities in mind. Thank you.


Nathan Senn, Mayor

City of Laurens