virtual academy

As registration for the Laurens County Virtual Academy has ended, both Laurens District 55 and Laurens District 56 have totaled their numbers.

For Laurens District 55, throughout the district, the total number of students registered for the Virtual Academy is 1,905. Kindergarten had the most students registered at 188. The senior class was the lowest and had only 76 students register.

First grade has 144 students, while the second grade has 136 students register. The total for third, fourth, and fifth grade only had a slight difference.

Third grade has 152, fourth 157 and fifth has 158.

Sixth grade has 161 students register, while seventh grade has 166. The total for the eighth grade is 147.

At LDHS, the numbers were ninth grade 138, tenth grade 136 and eleventh grade 146.

Online registration closed Friday, July 25. According to, contact Mrs. Jennifer Abercrombie at 864-984-3568 for space availability.

Laurens District 56 registration also ended last week.

They had 325 elementary-aged students register. That is 27 percent of their total elementary-aged students.

District 56 middle schools saw 29 percent of students register for the virtual academy with 197 students.

High school students are the highest total of students choosing to enroll in the Virtual Academy. A total of 304 students registered, which is 34 percent of the total number of students.

District 56 has a wait list form that parents can fill out. Filling out the wait list form doesn’t guarantee a spot in the Virtual Academy, according to their website.