PC student housing

In anticipation of securing financing to construct new student housing, PC recently began the site preparation work necessary to allow construction of new housing for seniors on the site of Old Bailey Stadium.

The proposed housing will consist of three new buildings located adjacent to Springs Campus Center which will house a total of 144 students. Each building will consist of 12 units housing 48 students. The site work should be completed by the end of the summer.

The proposed project continues the College’s focus on enhancing the heart of campus, said Susan A. Maddux, vice president for finance and administration. Other recent renovations have included Richardson Science Hall and Neville Hall.

“The College is preparing to invest in the heart of campus with student housing, which is a critical component of The Promise of PC,” Maddux said. “The proposed housing will allow students to live close to where they are going to class and where they can interact with their professors and fellow students.”

The college anticipates approval of financing will be finalized in time to move forward with construction in time to allow for completion by August 2019.